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Rich and Chris Chesmore GFRC College Scholarship


Each year, subject to budget approval, the Greater Framingham Running Club (GFRC) will present a College Scholarship to one male and one female high school senior.  The scholarship award for 2019 will be $500 for each recipient.


The scholarships will be presented to local high school runners who plan to attend either two or four-year accredited college or university and also intends to run cross-country, track or recreationally while in college.  We’ll look to ensure that the winning applicant exemplifies dedication, leadership, running talent, commitment and academic achievement.  That is, the award will not necessarily go the runner in the greater Framingham area with the most success in running, but the track or cross-country team member who has always been committed and consistently works hard to persevere, combined with academic achievement.

Applicants need to submit a brief statement describing what running means to them.  This statement will accompany their coach’s supporting statement.


The eligible high schools are any public high school or schools within a town that has at least five GFRC members with a family membership counting as one.  The membership list as of October 31 for the previous year is the eligibility determinant.   All seniors attending these high schools are eligible for the scholarship. For 2019, this means that the eligible high schools are Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Keefe Tech, Natick, Lincoln-Sudbury and Wayland.


The cover letter and application will be sent to each high school scholarship point person. 

Students will need to engage their track or cross-country coaches to provide a short (one or two paragraphs) statement as to why the athlete deserves the award, based on the criteria noted above. 

Schools with be notified between January 15 and January 31 with a return deadline of March 31.


The GFRC Secretary will receive all applications, and remove all names from the applications, then package and distribute the applications, identified by number only, to the GFRC Scholarship Committee.  This is done to ensure a fair process, and avoid the appearance of any impropriety. Membership on the GFRC College Scholarship Committee will be open to any member of the GFRC in good standing who volunteers to be on the Committee.  The GFRC College Scholarship Committee should have approximately 3-5 volunteers by the January monthly meeting. The Committee will announce its decision of the scholarships at the April or May monthly meeting and the decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.  The Committee will then need to work with the recipient’s school to determine the proper protocol for student and public notification.


Two GFRC members will present the awards:

The GFRC President or Vice President (or one of their designees from the Scholarship Committee) and a scholarship committee representative agreed upon by the scholarship committee

The two presenters will travel to the appropriate high school awards night (typically in May) to make the presentation.