Give Back Program
At the Greater Framingham Running Club as a result of years of prudent budgeting and spending, club activities and expenses were being satisfactorily funded and a sufficient reserve established. It was now time to give back. Using its reserves, the Treasurer created a program that reduced reserves in a structured way and that gave back to the community, promoted volunteerism and running activities for its members. The "Give Back Program" was born. Since the program's inception in 2010, the club has donated approximately twenty thousand five hundred dollars.

How it works:
As part of the club's annual budget process, funds in excess of its cash balance requirements are set aside for the "Give Back Program". With the program, members earn points for every club event they volunteer to support or activity they help to organize. This encourages volunteerism, the life blood of any volunteer organization. Since we are runners, a competitive element inevitably creeps in! Runners also earn points for participating in club Grand Prix Races, thus promoting running and camaraderie among its members. Once a year, members tally up the volunteer points they have earned and are given options as to how to allocate them back. They may use their points in a number of ways, including as a donation to fellow club members running the Boston Marathon for charities and having the club pay a race fee for designated charity races - and the club has also made large donations directly to the race's charity. Members can also set aside some points as a small discount towards club apparel or their membership fee. In addition to individual members giving back, the club also gives back to charities and other agencies that support local running activities.

Stay tuned for information regarding 2018 Give Back allocations. This program is subject to the availability of club funds which is still being determined at this time.

This program has allowed the members of the Greater Framingham Running Club to enjoy their running, while at the same time giving something back to the local community and supporting numerous worthwhile causes. 

Give Back Program FAQs

Q: What period of time does the Give Back program cover?

A: The Give Back program runs from January 1 to December 31 of the following year.

Q: When do I have to submit the form?

A: The 2018 deadline has not yet been established.

Q:  How do I earn Give Back Points?

A:  A member earns points by volunteering (see Volunteering), organizing GFRC activities or events, holding an officer or appointed position, or running GFRC Grand Prix, or WMAC Grand Tree races.  Grand Prix count used is for the previous season (already complete).  For 2016, it’s the 2015-2016 Grand Prix season.  Grand Tree races should be listed with dates and sent along with the form.

Q:  How do I allocate points?

A:  Once a year the Give Back form will be sent out by the President or a representative via email. It will also be available on the web site in the Volunteering section.   On this form you will account for your volunteer, organizing, & other activities.  The spreadsheet automatically tallies points.  You then have a choice of how to allocate your points: you can allocate them to one or more charity (with an option to be split evenly amongst all members running for the charity (or charities) you list); you can allocate them to specific club members (and the charity or charities) they are running for; and you can allocate points to gain free entry into designated races (which will be specified on the form), to get discounts on club apparel and on your annual membership dues.

Q:  What if I have done something not listed on the form I believe I should earn points for?

A:  Add this to the "Other" section and send a detailed note with your form.  These items are subject to review & approval by the President (and the rest of the AC as the President deems necessary).

Q:  Will Charity runners know I've allocated points to them and how many? 

A:  Charity runners will be given a list of names of members who have allocated points to them, but will not be told how many points each member allocated.

Q: Will they know who else I've allocated points to?

A:  Charity runners will only know if you have allocated points to them.  They will not see who else you may or may not have allocated points to.  If recipients choose to thank individuals, they should do so privately and not via a public forum to keep this information confidential. 

Q: Will my charity page be able to show the GFRC donation?

A: Your charity page will be able to show that you have received a donation from GFRC, but it should not show the amount, or should be listed as anonymous. The GFRC donation will, of course, be reflected in your total donations received.

Q: How does the money get paid by GFRC to my charity?

A: Once the Give Back forms have been processed and the amounts for each charity tallied, the Treasurer writes a check directly to the charity for the total amount donated to it by members.

Q:  How much is each point worth in dollars?

A:  The total number of points allocated once all forms are collected will be divided into the amount available in the Give Back program.  This will determine how much the points are worth.  Example:  If $3,000 is set aside and less than 3,000 points are allocated - each point is worth more than $1.  If more than 3,000 points are allocated, each point is worth less than $1.  Note that the Scholarship fund and any donations made directly to races as a charity donation by the Club (such as the Thomas Chamberas race) are also allocated from the Give Back program.