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2018-2019 Grand Prix Races

Only your highest points from one Grand Prix race per month are counted towards your Grand Prix Series total, although you can still run all scheduled Grand Prix races each month.

11September 22, 2018Voices Against Violence 2018 Purple Passion 5K Run - Framingham MArace info
12September 29, 2018Crossover Race (Trail/Road): Larry Olsen Classic 10K - Hopedale MArace info
13September 29, 2018Trail Race: TARC Fall Classic 10k or Half Marathon (runner's choice) - Carlisle MArace info
14October 14, 2018Trail Race: Groton Town Forest Trail Race - Groton, MArace info


2018-19 Completed Grand Prix Races


June 2, 201826x1 Mile Marathon RelayResults
2June 16, 2018Sharon Timlin 5kResults
3July 1, 2018Trail Race: Hodges HoedownResults
4July 4, 2018Fourth of July RacesResults
5July 14, 2018Trail Race: Run With The BeaversResults
6July 28, 2018Hot to Trot 5KResults
7August 12, 2018Al's Mammoth Half MarathonResults
8August 16, 20181 Mile, 200 Meter ChallengeResults
9August 26, 2018Race to the RowResults
10September 2, 2018Walpole 5k or 10kResults
11September 22, 2018Voices Against Violence 2018 Purple Passion 5K Run
12September 29, 2018 Larry Olsen Classic 10K
13September 29, 2018TARC Fall Classic 10k or Half Marathon
14October 14, 2018Groton Town Forest Trail Race



Race Cancellation Policy:

In the event of a race being canceled or postponed by the host for any reason OR the GP Director's decision that the weather is inclement to the point that travel is unsafe, the following policy will apply:

*People who are pre-registered (honor system) will receive the race count and 15 points (the minimum participation points).
*If the race is rescheduled, those same runners who run on the alternate date will be ranked per normal practice and can earn up to 25 points.

These new points will REPLACE the 15 earned when the race was postponed in the month in which the race was originally scheduled. Runners who had not pre-registered for the original date will not be scored on the new date. This ensures that everyone who signs up gets something and those that can and do run the makeup date can get something extra.

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For questions or comments concerning the Grand Prix Race series, please contact our Grand Prix Directors at: