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GFRC Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has the Club Been Around?  – The Greater Framingham Running Club (formerly the Greater Framingham Track Club) has been around since 1979. We always seem to have more than 250 members to give you an idea of how big our membership base is. More info can be found here:

Which GFRC Events Are Coming Up? Check the GFRC home page or the calendar which can be found here: 

What Do the Monthly Meetings/Fun Runs Entail? – The monthly meetings include fun runs from member homes in the area and are normally the first Saturday of each month. (A race or holiday weekend may move this day occasionally so check the GFRC home page) Generally there are fun runs of various distances (maps of routes are provided) and start at 8:30. Please be there a little earlier to choose your distance and coordinate which group of runners you will be running with. Breakfast and refreshments are served after the run. Our monthly meeting starts around 10:00. It is not required to do both the run, and meeting, so if you have time constraints etc. do what works for you.

What Are the Grand Prix Races About? – The Grand Prix is an annual series of races that runs from June to May. You can start at any time during the year. Each GP race usually attracts many club members, and it’s always nice to know other folks there. Our group is easy to spot as most of us wear GFRC attire. There are usually two races offered each month. See link below for current schedule. That page will also provide the link to the current scoring rules, and standings.

What is Social Night? – We do this the third Friday of the month in Framingham. The location may vary so check the home page. If you are new to the club, email the Membership Director on day(s) leading up to it at ( and they will try to get a contact phone number of someone who will be there.

Where Can I Get GFRC Attire? – You are guaranteed to look very stylish in our shirts, jackets, and caps. See the link below. Members get $10 off their first order regardless when they join. Please note that you are using the discount when placing the order. You may order at:

When is the Membership Period? – It runs from April 1st to March 31st each year. The first membership period may last shorter or longer than a year based on timing of joining. The first year is the only disconnect one, and each renewal period after that will be a complete year. Email the Membership Director ( with any questions, and join any time you wish.

What is the Giveback Program? – One of the nicest things our club does is when we donate to various charities that our Boston Marathon club runners run on behalf of. We do this by allocating points for activities members participate in such as volunteering, and Grand Prix races run. The more we do with GFRC, the more say we have as individuals in regards to how those funds are allocated. This does not cost individuals any money personally, and happens around March. See link for more info:

Does GFRC Have a Scholarship Program? – GFRC does sustain a scholarship program. Details can be found here:

What is the Summer Track Series About? – In mid-June through mid-August, GFRC hosts this track series which has been a tradition since 1980 at Bowditch Field in Framingham. The participants are mostly kids but adults are welcome also to participate. For $1.00 participants get to compete in a number of different distances such as the 100, long jump, and softball throw against others in their age group. Over age 18 athletes get to compete against other adults in the running distances. Check GFRC emails, Facebook, etc. on nights the weather is questionable. You do not have to be a member to participate or live in the area.

What are the Membership Lists About? – Once a year the Membership Director will send out a list of contact info on our members who choose to share their information. This information is not published anywhere, but just sent to members via email. If there is a member you wish to contact who isn’t on the list, chances are they are in our Facebook group. If you wish info on a member not listed anywhere, ask the Membership Director who will then direct the inquiry to that person. It then becomes the member’s decision to follow up. For any other questions contact the Membership Director ( The yes or no question to be part of the membership list is prompted when we join and renew. However you can change your mind at any time so just contact the Membership Director, as well with any contact info changes.

Are We on Facebook? – We have a Facebook page that can be viewed by the public but only members can post on. Go to the GFRC home page and in the bottom right is a tab to join.

“Wait We Have a Forum?” – We had a forum until September 2016. Facebook was much more active so we went in that direction.

Are We on Instagram?We can be found at “GFRCRUN”

we can be found at "gfrcrun"we can be found at "gfrcrun"

How Do I Find GFRC on Twitter?We can be found at “gfrcrun”

we can be found at "gfrcrun"we can be found at "gfrcrun"

How Do I Sign Up for GFRC Emails? – New members will be added soon after joining. We send out activity emails usually once a week to our membership email list. Occasionally there is other info we may choose to send this way. You may also send 1 email yourself (subject to moderator approval and their timing) that reaches all participants.  The link to participate is below: and then request to be added on. 

Are There Boston Marathon Invitational Numbers Available? – We have been very fortunate to receive invitational entries from the BAA for the Boston Marathon each year, and hopefully that continues. The more we volunteer for the club, the more entries you can submit in the December lottery (up to a maximum of 6 chances). At a minimum you must be a member as of July 1st, and volunteer twice in that year (up through November) to enter. Please contact the VP on how to enter the lottery or any other questions concerning it at

Do We Have Organized Track Workouts? – We have track workouts at Bowditch Field in Framingham all year (weather permitting and depending on track conditions). Occasionally we change the venue so check the home page, and bring your watch. Except for June – August, we hold these workouts on Wednesday nights at 6:15 pm. June – August we hold them on Tuesday nights. Check web site for dates. Check the Forum for workout scheduled. Check for social media updates in case of inclement weather possible postponements. It is a great opportunity to meet a number of us each week.

What About a Couch to 5K Program? – We started our first Couch to 5K program on March 19, 2016 which finished in the Spring, and was a big success. Contact the Membership Director ( for more info on future ones or check our web site.

Still on the Fence About Joining? – You are welcome to attend an event/run to check us out before you decide whether to join or not.  The costs are as little as $20 ($26 family) to join during any membership period. Participate during your membership as much as you wish. Email the Membership Director if you are a non-member, and interested in participating just so that we send a heads up to expect you.

Contact with any questions

(FAQs above last revised October 2016)