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"So don't sit on the sidelines, come on out and join us. Life is short.
You don't want to reach the end and realize to your horror that you've never done anything irresponsible." ~ Art Doyle
Please visit the Art Doyle Memorial section 

Important News:  Sign up is now open for our 2014 GFRC Awards Banquet
It's Membership Renewal time! Please check list of current members needing to renew by April 1st Renewal form
Please support our Boston Marathon charity runners with their fundraising efforts!
Upcoming Events:  04/14: 6:15 pm 30 Minute Stretch + 30 Minute Interval @ Bowditch Field
04/09: 6:30 pm Track Workout @ Bowditch Field
04/19: 5:30 pm Pot Luck Pasta Party @ Eric Jacobsen's
What's New:  04/15: April general race results updated & Boston Tune-Up 15k photos posted
04/08: Grand Prix Standings updated
04/07: Boston Tune Up 15k Grand Prix results posted