About Us

We are an amiable group of adults who regularly run together for our own amusement and, quite often, amazement. With over 200 members, we provide a host of opportunities for members of all ages and abilities to indulge their running passion, whether it's on roads, trails, cross-country and even the track, including:

  • Monthly fun runs - followed by Club meetings (with breakfast) that squeeze a surprising amount of fun out of keeping us solvent, legal and healthy
  • Group runs - organized on roads & trails by our members a (and sometimes on the calendar).  Non-GFRC members who are interested in joining a group run, please email activities@gfrcrun.org for more information
  • Grand Prix Race Series - 1-3 race options are offered monthly during the 12-month long series held every year. Many races are on the road, though we mix it up with some relay, trail/cross-country and track races. Points are earned and awards are won. The series is designed for both competitive and social runners
  • Track sessions (with coaching) for the overachievers amongst us
  • Summer Pub Runs - Bi-weekly evening gatherings where we convene at a local pub/brewery/restaurant for a training run followed by a socializing with a beverage and bite to eat, outside whenever possible

And we don't keep all the fun to ourselves: we make a major contribution to the local running community and our members' favorite charities by organizing or supporting:

  • Framingham's Summer Track series - open to the public and run by GFRC members
  • Busa Bushwhack Trail Race - honoring our own senior statesman of New England trail running, Rich Busa, we organize this annual race, which is part of the Western Massachusetts Grand Tree Series
  • Boston Marathon - we staff all the clock watching volunteer positions along the route (and haven't lost a clock to date)
  • JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge (Boston) - we volunteer at the finish line
  • Mural Mile Race - Annual race in downtown Framingham 

If all that's not enough, membership in the Club brings a monthly newsletter (without personals), a group email list, the opportunity to run yourself ragged in various New England relay races, an Annual Awards Banquet, Boston Marathon group training runs with Team Framingham, a pre-Boston Marathon pasta party and monthly social nights.

For more information, contact our President (president@gfrcrun.org) or Membership Director (membership@gfrcrun.org).