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August Grand Prix August 17, 2017

6:00 PM, Bowditch Field, Framingham

200-meter sprint + 1-mile time trial

Rules for this race are as follows:

* Everyone will run one 200-meter race and a 1-mile run.
* The 1-mile and 200-meter must both be run that night.
* You will have a choice to do the 200 before the mile or after it. We will run it in 3 parts: 200-meter heat(s) for whoever wants, followed by a 1-mile run for all, followed by the last 200-meter heat(s).
* The first heat will begin at 6:30. Please show up at 6:00-6:15 for warmups and stretching. Even those who normally don't stretch before a run may want to do so before a 200M sprint.
* Scoring will be as follows:

200 meter WAVA, plus

1-mile WAVA

(Thus, your total WAVA% will consist of 50% your sprinting WAVA + 50% of your 1-mile WAVA.)

See you there!

Any questions, please e-mail grandprix "at"